Okay, so… It’s been a while! Let me start by saying that I am really excited to be back with you.

Funnily enough, my break was in no way planned – it just happened. After an incredible trip to Europe, a lot occurred in the second half of last year which simply meant that my focus was on other things.

When it comes to Bon Du Jour, I made a promise with myself at the very beginning that I would never post for the sake of posting or be dictated by a schedule. Everything was to be sincere and uncontrived in the sense that if not a single other soul read what I was writing, I would still be just as content with what I had created. So when I thought I would be compromising on these values, I decided to take a breather.

But since you must in fact be reading what I am writing, I can report that this time allowed me to recalibrate and I am now feeling really inspired and motivated to get back into it.

You’re going to notice a lot of new things too. Of course I will be sticking closely to fashion, with regular reports on the latest news and trends from Australia and beyond. But you can also expect to read a lot more on topics such as travel, health and well-being.

I really look forward to sharing all of this with you over the coming months – there’s already a lot of exciting things planned for 2017! So without further ado, I would like to say a big HELLO AGAIN and thanks, as always, for your support.